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Premaleela Pelligola Audio Launched

 Choudhury, from the hands of Director vinayak arbi 'premalilapelligola Audio Launch More than four hundred images have been distributed over two decades, Sri Mahaveer Films Rayalaseema and entered the building. In Tamil Nadu, who was recently released blockbuster movie `` Vellai karan gola premalila-marriage with the title of chief producer Paras Jain Maha Vir pilims Telugu audience for this film will be offered. The Vishnu Vishal, Nicky appeared galrani nayakanayikaluga. Elil directed. `Jarni true music hall. The film's audio launch event was held at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad on Wednesday. Director VV Vinayak, who was the chief guest introduced the Big CD, is a leading producer arbicaudari CD provided to Vinayak unveiled the first copy. Or after. Saying, `Lord Vishnu Vishal bicaudari established hero in Tamil. Performance was good timing. Hileriyas made comedy film. It was a super hit in Tamil. Telugu audience now comes forward. Sadhistundi join because the success is going to be good. Mr. Paras Jain, director Vinayak said, 'I know from a long time. Ayanadi experience delivered many good films. The content of the film, which is good. Elin good director. Nagarjuna starrer film was vastavani `Thank you. Everyone here knows that this film had any level of success. Now comes a film with the title 'gola premalila married. Asistunna to be hit, the movie is going to be good. The head of Sri Mahaveer Films, the producer said, `premalila okaridi Paras Jain. Married to someone else wrong. The film is the same. Aiya egjait to see this film in Tamil. Either way, our audience, to give the picture a lot of competition on the belief Vishal paddana gave me the rights. Prior to want to remake this film. But if Vishal's remake of the comedy will be released by Miss avutundanadanto dubbing. It hileriyas comedy entertainer. Telugu audiences to be well-liked film. Vanamali songs, true music, provided Ramakrishna fine words. Vishal in Tamil hit a hat-trick. Currently, two, three movies were busy in the shooting. However, to our promotion for the film came from. Vinayak Rao, as well as a long-time contact. How are nestled he rose to prominence. He was happy to move the ceremony from the hands of the audio. Cestunnam release this summer is going to be. Director S. Mr. Paras Jain think in `Common adiyan vikrsnareddi matladutu. The success of the film before the person can be quantified. Each film was very successful, he delivered. The film also stands akovalo. Vishal is pramissing. Provided the true good tunes. Telugu audiences love the movie is going to be avutundi. Chitra Hero Vishnu Vishal matladutu cesukuntonna 'IT job opportunity at the time of the arrival of the Tamil film starring Sir turn. `Vennaila Kabbadi kuju (` bhimili jattu Kabaddi), the film established him as good to me. Phalitannivavvaledu expect the next few movies. The most recent release `Velai vandutta vellaikaran gave a good break. Nakidi's 10th film. Became a big hit in Tamil. It is the first film in English vidudalavutonna. Asistunna to be hit is going to be good.  Music director, said the truth, 'the fourth film as a music director. Journey to the good success of the film brought natoli name. Sadhistundi the success of this film is going to be even better. The heroine has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to film Nicky galrani.  The ceremony, Gemini Kiran, Bellamkonda Suresh, Umesh Gupta Aditya Music, ancestors virraju, dark Entertainments' Bharat Chaudhary and others were present.

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