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Mixture Potlam Audio Success Meet

 `Mixture potlam audio success meet  Jayant, Shweta Basu Prasad, gitajanli hero, the film `hiroyinlaga natistonna potlam mixture. Directed by Satish Kumar emvi. The tone of the film under the banner of Godavari, Lion kalapatapu Sri Lakshmi Prasad Chaudhary than Veeranna, lankala Rao are jointly producing village. Suresh Chandra madava large audience hungry for music and audio akattakuntondi recently released into the market. Chitra unit of the audio success meet in Hyderabad on Friday morning had set up.  `` The recent release of the songs Chitra director Satish Kumar got good response. Why it is such a huge response for the film to work with our senior teknisayans. Hello Baby is a good response to the song sung by Suchitra particular cigar. Mr. Suresh on the pulse of today's youth hold madava mandi was good tunes. Along with the tunes, the lyrics of the song is also fine. Jumped the first copy. Nelakharukalla the film will be released in March. Undi believe that the success of the winning film is going to be good.   `` Durga Chaudhary said that the tone of the film-maker than Veeranna Rajahmundry for the first time in a studio was set up in 1936 under the name. In the south, the first film studio. Our banner has been named as the tone of the film, hence the Godavari. Doing more to elevate the beauty of the shot, is shooting. Good came out of the foot. Fashion from the early movies. But the act could not be reached. 'My first film as an actor, a manasu. The film is now playing a full length role. Konasagincalanukuntunna films to keep using my fashion. Bhavisyatlulo asistunna said that would be good characters.  Another producer kalapatapu Lakshmi Prasad and produced our first prataynam `` potlam mixture. The hero and heroine of the new happens, the rest of the cast, all siniyarlunnaru teknisiyanlu. As intended by the director based his story. Mr. Suresh mandi madava the past, many hit movies, music. We are lucky now and again to our music. So come along songs impressed the audience. Family friendly with a good film. The most recent release of the tracks very well received. The film will also be popular with the level asistunnam said.  Rao said, 'The first copy lankalapalli jumped to another producer. The film will be released soon. Thanks to the audience for making such a big hit songs. Asistunnam also said that the film will be a hit.  'Suresh said madavapeddi music director of the film with the producers of the three is the most fashionable. Tiyalanna for money is not a good film with the intent of bringing the story to the screen. Such maranni wants to do good movies. Sadruculunnayi all the songs in the film. To better meet the needs of today's younger generation come along songs. Suchitra, S. P Balasubramanyam, vennelakanti conflicts as a result of good technicians, good tunes andivvagaliganu. The director based the story well. Bapu-Ramana cestunnam is going to be dedicated to this film.  Thanks to the possibility of the film, the heroine has expressed happiness. Murali this ceremony, attended Venu.  Bhanucandar, Suman, Krishna Bhagawan, posani, Ali, playing Chitti Babu and others. Lyrics: moonlight eye, cirravuri Vijay Kumar, rambhatla Narasimha Sharma, Language Sri, camera: kalyas review, editing, M.. Verma, Dancing, Ramana, Prem-Gopi, Baseball

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