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Ganta Ravi Jayadev Movie details

 Directed by Jayant siparanji keasokkumar hour movie where the hero Ravi, Minister Gall ' Andhra Pradesh minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao's son Ravi Sri laksmivenkatesvara Art Creations banner premincukundamra hour, bavagaru fine, Nandi awards, artful thief, Ishwar, Lakshmi Narasimha, sankardada awarded under the direction of the major producer of hit films The Descent director Jayant K. siparanji. asokkumar building Auspicious occasion of Ugadi, the strength of the new film, "Minister Gall," announced the title. Speaking on the occasion, producer keasokkumar - '' Venkatesh raktatilakam, Dhruvanakshatram superhit films such as construction, Lakshmi Venkateswara Creations banner Jayant C Art. Nandi awards for direction paranji Venkatesh, Prabhas exposing superhit films like Ishwar was built. The banner is the third film directed by Jayant Ravi's exposing the state minister in an hour and an hour and a powerful srinivasaravugari son, parpasphul day of Ugadi, the film is produced by the action entertainer 'Jaydev the title has been confirmed. On December 9, we had to start shooting. Hyderabad, MEDCHAL, siddalagutta Temple, kejireddi College, Ramoji philmsiti, Mahbubnagar children Murray, shooting 80 percent in other parts of the completed non-stop. There are two songs in the balance. Hyderabad is an item song will be picturized on the set of a heavy blow. The remaining half of the tracks will be held April 22 to 29 in Switzerland, which is portrayed in the schedule. The shooting will be completed in total, "he said. Siparanji director Jayant said - '' It is the story of a police officer. Of duty for the family, most of the police officers who sakriphais life by Inspiration Jaydev character. It is impressive with all of the film. Action scenes are almost ten. All of which are linked in the story. We have to introduce the same banner film with Prabhas Ishwar. Asokkumargari again after the film banner 'Jaydev film in an hour and an hour and ravini srinivasaravugari son's happy to introduce my direction,' 'he said. Paruchuri Venkateswara Paruchuri Brothers, one of the - '' a police story, however, when one of the tasks, such as images ankusam thing. The story is that this is a good police officer, "Minister Gall. Police Jayant this image with images of a memorable film, '' he said. Ravi hour, Malavika Vinodkumar starrer film, Paruchuri Venkateswara, posani, Vennela Kishore, hariteja, Shravan, Supreeth, Jayaram Komati, Rajeshwari, Siva Reddy, Kiran novel, bittiri Suttee, compassion, Meena, cauldron, raviprakas, Arvind play an important role. Music: Mani Sharma, cinematography: Reddy, the original story: Arun Kumar, writing: Paruchuri Brothers, editing by Marthand kevenkates, fights Venkat, art krsnamaya, stills Narayan, Co-Director: Prabhakar knock, Production Controller: P. ramamohanravu, producer: keasokkumar, directed by: Jayant C. Paranji.

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