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Aa Patha Madhuram book Launched

 'Hasam' Raja's 'Aa Patha Madhuram' book released 

'Aa Patha Madhuram', a book written by the renowned musicologist 'Hasam' Raja, was recently unveiled at an event in Secunderabad.  The book launch ceremony was graced by Dr. KI Varaprasad Reddy, AV Gurava Reddy, K Ramachandra Murthy (Editorial Director of 'Sakshi' newspaper), J Madhusudhan Sharma, Dr. C Mrinalini, K Raghuramakrishnam Raju, RP Patnaik, Chandrabose, Dr. Bhargavi Rao, Suri Babu and others.  

The book analyzes many songs and their musical styles.  It was unveiled on the hands of Dr. KI Varaprasad Reddy, who said, "If Raja garu analyzes the lyrics of each song, curiosity to listen to them would grow manifold.  This book is like full meals as far as songs are concerned.  More such books are needed to be written.  I hope this book will have many more volumes".

Dr. C Mrinalini said, "This book has the qualities of research, logic, morality and conviction like the songs it talks about.  This book contains commentaries on 108 songs in 21 of the films released between 1951-55 .  Raja garu has done a lot of research even on small tunes.  It's a structured and balanced analysis.  He has balanced his analysis of music with that of lyrics.  I whole-heartedly appreciate Raja garu".

Dr. Guruva Reddy said, "I have known Raja garu since the time I worked with him for 'Hasam' daily.  His critiques don't hurt; rather they are constructive.  He is adept at writing critiques that everybody can understand and appreciate.  With his knowledge, he gives suggestions, too.  His suggestions guide many.  This book is one such attempt".

Dr. K Ramachandra Murthy said, "Raja garu is my favourite journo.  He is well-read, has self-respect, and loves the language.  I thank him for giving me the first copy".

RP Patnaik said, "I am not big enough to do analysis.  I have a dream project.  This equals all the work I have done so far.  I want to make a series on how music has evolved over the decades and who all have contributed to it.  That's why I am falling after Raja garu.  If the Telugu cinema song has to retain its glory, the kind of research that Raja garu does should continue to be done.  He will always be there in our hearts.  There is honesty in his efforts.  We can call him a Samarshi".

Chandrabose said, "I have had a very good relationship with Raja garu.  He is not only a researcher and a critic, but also a creative force behind many songs.  He has many times appreciated my lyrics.  Whenever I used to have doubts about usages and language, I used to call him.  He is a spiritual relation to me when it comes to the meaning, music and rhythm of a song.  I thank him for writing the book 'Aa Patha Madhuram'.  I wish that he writes many more books".

Hasam Raja said, "I have come this far in my life because of the encouragement given by Govinda Rao, Narayana Reddy, SP Balasubrahmanyam and Varaprasad Reddy.  Likewise, friends like Ravi Kishore and Bharavi too have supported me.  If I have the support of people like these, I can write many books and create a page for myself in history".

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