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Venkatesh interview about IRSEB

Venkatesh interview about Ippatlo Ramudila Seethala Evaruntaarandi Babu

 Nowadays ramudila sitala spicy romantic entertainer 'babu evaruntarandi: Director Venkatesh. K   Present for girls, boys and their life style, coupled with the untunnarane aviskaristu contrary to known reality on the screen to close venkateske 'nowadays ramudila sitala evaruntarandi Babu directed film cesaruyutphul spicy romantic entertainer made this citranloprasant, MAHEEDHAR, fine, starred isita hero and the heroine. Baby amukta prasnard presentation was done. This is in preparation for the release of the film had been completed in all the programs. On this occasion, the director of the box office interacted Chitra. The news of his words ....   `Nowadays ramudila sitala evarunta Randi Babu reason to get this title?  Kathanusaranga put this title. On the comment that this film is the title of the movie The Perfect yapt.   Explain about the story?  Two College Students accustomed to the luxury of life is a small thefts. Some of the girls, aunts weakness to trap them wear the magic words. In addition to the romance with their money, jewelry docukuntuntaru. They will be killed in the process, each lady. Who actually killed? Why? Chitra doing the storyline. Interval scene, the climax of the scene can be seen on the screen so far. So it tircididdam Romantic Crime spicy entertainer.  Real Incidents Are there any story behind this?   If the story is fictional, but the scenes, but the perennial nature of the role we are looking for. Put simply rejuvenating to talk to the boys on the road ,. kuntaro Necaralga throughout the film makes it to the bihev. I'd like to be necaralga anything. Movies will no longer be such a natural story.  Through this film, what are you saying?  If we take the position of messages in my opinion no one lerannadi. There are no messages, so that our sinanimalo. Romansku, habitual Woman yiulu, abbayiulu irukuntunnaru is finally showing how the crime. It is love. It is of the pain. All are commercial angles.  Tell us about your film?  Mr. prasnart this film done. A good friend to me. As soon as the final of the story was that he liked. Despite many obstacles, the film is very rich without compromising in any respect. A person who has a great passion for the cinema.  How was the response to the recent release of the song?  Ramesdi're introducing a new Music Director. 4 suparbsangs said. The most recent release of the song, teaser Social Networks begins tremendous response. The background music for the film, which Mr. josyabhatla niustundani is the main attraction.  Regions such a bold subject, select your first film?  Necaral subjects like these to me. I've done it. Will no longer also. Bhavo dvegalu all are familiar to me Romance. It is also a love, it is a crime. There is emotion. There is action. There is comedy. No one in the base and the film must be made. And who had the gun, so it's going to be factionist final romance romantik selected subject. The name of this kind of movie, but I can not bring, presented to show the film is built, running the trend seen in the eyes of everyone who has to decide.  The sensor is how they talk?  Patakasthayilo romance in the film because of the 'no' given the certificate. Smaller cuts, mutes said. Have not taken any bold in making the film. It was so kathanusaranga was pulling.  Your movie stills, teaser, they saw a Bollywood film undantunnaru mahesbhat? Your comment?  Bollywood director mahesbhat our film would be a romantic film full of promise along the lines of reality. I know this is the first time to come to a bold togulo phullent romantic movie. Entertaining and hummable very eye-catching image. Compared with Bollywood director happiness really. Mahesbhatgaru no known because of Directors  Your next film?  We are planning to release the film in March. My new film will also begin in March. Full details of the related vledistanannaru soon as the young director K. Venkatesh.

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