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Venkatapuram Trailer Launch

 From the hands of producer Allu Aravind's "venkatapuram" dhiyotrikal trailer released  Good Cinema Group, led by the construction of the fifth film in the movie venkata Puram. Tyson earned a good name in the Happy Days character in the film, he's playing with. Rahul with a different look, with attitudes seen. Bollywood TV Artist makvan glory is the heroine. Musical director of the mold. Sai Prakash is the cinematographer. Kashi Vishwanath, Ajay, Jogi Brothers, Anita, says the main roles. Recently, the First and Second Look Chitra was released. Posters had a wonderful response. From the hands of the swing producer Allu Arvind's dhiyotrikal trailer of the film was released. The film Lord Publishers, films Rowdy Fellow Jim served as associate director. This event, along with Chitra unit Gemini Kiran Rao, Shri purposes, hajayarayyaru Darling Swamy.  Aravind Rao said the chief guest .. Chitra producers the Shreyas' Seenu, Phani well aware of the law. What the fashion industry with the film everyone's been a little on the tongue, mouth, rather than pick up the making of Success. Images should be small, the industry come to ten. The concept is good with the pictures. He should have come to the hero marokkasari break, producers money, where the director wanted.  Jemeni said Kiran Rao .. He should have a good hit, ravali name of the director, the producer would need to come from the profits. The trailer is very good. Said that Srinivas needs .. Director Jim has worked very hard on this film. A talented director. Rahul hero, the producers wanted a very good reputation.  He said the image of the hero .. emesanal our small apartment was made to commit to. Each okkaru have loved this picture. See the trailer okkaru say the word. The film is intrasting. Has accepted our invitation to come to the Arvind garu, Kiran garu, Shri garu needs, Darling Swamy garu acknowledge our thanks.   Speaking on the occasion, Chitra producers ... venkata Applause Puram got better after the first look. Industry leaders were also praised. Craze dhiyotrikal trailer released now acquire the same level. Rahul will be seen differently. Director Venu different story, as the ceppabotunnaru Entertaining own screenplay. The post production work is going faster and faster. The audio will be released soon. Good film. Related to such a film trailer to be released from the hands of Mr. Aravind has a good heart and is very happy. He came to see the trailer was released. Soon you will see a picture of Mr. Arvind. The success of this film will be nammutunnamannaru  Cast - Rahul, glory makhvana, Ajay, Jogi Brothers, Kashi Vishwanath, Shashank  Technical nipunuluart - J. Mohan Cameraman - Sai Prakash Music - mold Screenplay, Dialogues - Venu Executive producer - Talluri Anand Producer - MV Satyanarayana Line Producer - kearun Mohan Production Controller - vasireddi sayibabu Dance Masters - Anish vignes, Anita Nath Piaro - eskeen. Eluru Seenu Lyricist - Ananta Sriram, Vanamali, Ajay Kumar Editing - Madhu

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