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Mixture Potlam Movie Audio Release

 Murali Mohan mixture of MPs from the hands of the stomach Audio Launch  Jayant, Shweta Basu Prasad, gitajanli hero, the film `hiroyinlaga natistonna potlam mixture. Directed by Satish Kumar emvi. The tone of the film under the banner of Godavari, Lion kalapatapu Sri Lakshmi Prasad Chaudhary than Veeranna,  Srinivasa Rao are jointly producing lankala Palli. Madavapedda Suresh Chandra music. The celebration event was held at the Centre in Hyderabad jearsi audio. Murali Mohan, MP, who was the chief guest at the event Big CD, CD asiskarincaru. Chitra unit was handed over to the CD. Theatrical trailers espibalasubramanyam unveiled the singers.  After becoming an MP Murali Mohan said, `I shot better from the three producers was happy to make the film. Good story, stories had, well, hope the film director Satish. Trailers, the songs are good. S. P Balasubramanyam Mr. Suresh Rao, the music of the songs, providing the team better kalisostundi padatammadava mandi. As well as to become acquainted with the hero of this film bhanucandar son Jayant is happy. Has brought good profits to the producers of the film a success. As well as in the wake of the separation of state from 2012 andicalekapoyam Nandi awards. Soon give the awards. TRS Chief KCR awards in the state also wants to give the effect of a different place to where the Bull. Jarugutundi it is going to be soon.  S. singers. `` Bhanu Chander said pibalasubramanyam starred in many films. I sang songs in his films. Now their son Jayant had the opportunity to sing the songs in the film. Is happy. Director, the producers of the film cesaranipistundi well. Do not have to say, especially about music. Mr. Suresh, a good music to suit today's younger generation. If there is a mature grasp of any language. If you are going to be playing well to avutundi language.  Music director madavapeddi `S Suresh said. Mr. P animutyam I've got. Played two good songs. Satish based film well. The strength of the story of the film. Without any pornographic film. However, due to today's generation of modern music for the old man to a stranger. Literature was good. Vijayansadhincina film producers to make more good films is going to be korukuntunna   Chitra director Satish sitting in the producers' first heard the story was the same. It is a good comedy entertainer. In real life challenges us to see how characters shown in the film as well. Amine in the film. When I heard the title Pottam mixture of many laughs. Also, the audience will come to the theater, as well as the laugh. Atidhulandaraki, who is going to be a special krtajnatalu audio event.  Bhanu Chander said, `` It is the story of the bus to go to Shirdi from Amala Puram. Span is navvukune. All of the characters that appear naturally. Everyone played well. Producers, is without compromise. Korukuntunna to do more good films in Tollywood Godavari siniton said.  Mr. Suresh said `` healthy music director virasankar. His great films in the past to provide the music. The film's songs are also well-connected to the youth. Natincinna all who come in the name of the movie is good. Is going to be a good chance to come to Jayant korukuntunna.  Shweta Basu Prasad said the heroine of the film, all kinds of `` patalunnayi. Good story. Jayant new and who acted well. The team hope that the good name of all. As well as a short film, there is a big film. Okkate said that all of the films.   Jayant said, `` This is going to be introduced to the hero of the movie is to be happy. It is a good story. Including many senior natinatulupanicesaru. Learned many things from them. It was a good experience for me as an actor to teach film. The shooting had taken all the fun. Telugu preksakulanta korukuntunna bless our image is going to be.  Thanks to his position as the heroine of the film, has expressed happiness.   The ceremony Sagar, Damodar Prasad, Chitti, davijayalaksmi, John Babu, Naveen, Srikanth and others were present.

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