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Kung Fu Yoga on 3 February

 Sivakumar leading producer malkapuram said - '' that he is a world actor. Indian actor sonusud the combination of the invention, the film will be very successful, "he said. Distributor, producer, ramprasad said - '' Kung Fu Yoga 'picture of South India, the film's release and said cestunnananika lpana call made over the Internet search. After several days that he was directed by Stanley Tong's large budget action film designed to entertain. Indo-China relations have been better to be in this film. Big padding, lataph Actors have to work on this film. The film must be a success for all of Language. Distributors made in this release, All Exhibitors earning good profits. Chan made 150 films. Yet the same energy, the same enthusiasm that was the movie. Cesevidhanga nowhere to be enjoyed throughout the film from being bored. The movie gets the big hit in our fiction, "he said. Ramesh's leading distributor of energy - '' the executive producer of this film, Shailesh good friend. Jakicangari 150th film release, we had our banner. "Kung Fu Yoga 'big-budget movie. Sonusud good character in the film was cast. The film achieved a sweeping victory, "he said. Ramasatyanarayana producer said - '' Tamil Telugu audience by offering a series of images, making the success of the invention. Father, producer of such tanayuraliga dynamic lady got a good name. The film was a good Craze international level. South India is to release the film in the fabrication of such a great thing. Chan is best known for-sonusudlaku Telugu audience. The trailer is awesome. Straight picture and the audience love this picture, "he said. Film Federation of India President, CK Entertainment praili Sikalyan chief said - '' which is a fiction, a member of our family, "Kung Fu Yoga 'in South India, the release of the film is very much pleased. Hollywood movies and the biggest hit so far has been the release of three jonarslo. Jemsbandlanti advanceras images, dijlyand love for children, such as images, films that he was truly a success. Adiyanski All Kind of like the movie, along with the children. In addition to the commercial elements of mass action entertainer film is formed. Chan starred sonusud, amino dastur, Indian Actors acting, sharing the creation of the company is quite happy to be a partner. Pattani heroine in the direction of 'lophar film have to introduce myself. All over India, the film is being released on February 3, will be a very big hit. Success also requires the producer sonusud .. I hope the audience will be superhit, "he said. The heroine of the amino dastur said - '' trailers, the songs are fantastic. Exciting would be when the movie is released. Tamil and Telugu films. This is such a great actor that he is doing the film feel very lucky. Many artists, technicians have to work hard to make this film. The film is to be enjoyed by the audience cesevidhanga said. Sonusud actor said - '' in Telugu and Tamil films in many languages. But I got a good reputation in the Telugu industry. Provided the opportunity for me, good characters written by the writers, directors, producers, my Thanksgiving. Telugu films has been a long time. Telugu films will from now on regularly. Feeling very proud of this film is the legendary actor jakicangarito. Jakicangaru believe me that I did a good character. Very fine. Hard working actor. In addition to the action, the dance was also amazing. I learned many things from him. Tips have a lot of fights. It's a Brilliant Film. Brilliant actor Amie. Beautiful starred in the film. Dubai, Iceland, Maldives, India, the Arab countries have been shooting. Car chasing scenes have been completed in 28 days. This episode will be a highlight. First, the film is quite a thrill to hear the script philai

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