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Ammayilante Adho Type In Post-Production Works

 ... Probably a type ammayilante post-production activities ... ``  Gopi sector, Malavika Menon, Shivaji Raja Gayathri main cast reels of film on the banner `ammayilanteadotaipu rupondutonna. The film is produced and directed by KRISHNAM vaiviesesarkrsnanraju. Currently, the film is slated for post-production activities. On this occasion .. Chitra said producer vaiviesesarkrsnanraju - `` ammayilanteado taipu film image is not a good love story, a girl born in a village of money in the family, an auto driver, the love, the respect of his father than Without the knowledge of his father taking him to his love mukhyamanukoni will go to Hyderabad. Knowing that it is sagging father, who fell in the quest for his daughter, for his hasty decision taken by the father of a daughter who falls in love duramayyanane suffering, emotional story of elastic between the consequences later. Krsnam film director, is awesome. Actors, teknisiyans completed at the time the film is able to support. Production programs. The audio was released in January and plan to release the film soon cestunnam said. Gopi sector, Malavika Menon, Shivaji Raja, Sai, bhadram, Venugopal, the film, starring Bharath Srinivas sinimatographih, sahityamh purnacari, nirmatah vaiviesesarkrsnanraju, darsakatvamh krsnam.

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