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Lakshmi Bomb Audio Launched

 Dasari Narayana Rao released 'laksmibamb Audio Gunapati taitilpatralo Lakshmi Prasanna Reddy Suresh Productions banner in association udbhav Kartikeya darsakatvanlovella maunika Gopal Krishna Chandra, umalaksminarasinha rupondutonna film producers' laksmibamb. Sunil Kashyap music jearsikanvensan isinima audio release event on Friday was held in the center. Darsakaratnadadasarinarayanaravu released the audio CD and presented the first CD damohan babuku. The .... Darsakaratna dadasari said Narayana - Lakshmi unless `` I do not know that there is nothing in front of me about this film. But after seeing the film, the songs, the team is very good, filming, Sixth Sense tells me that the success of the effort taken on the full movie. Premam film, songs, said the day would be a big hit at the cinema. The result was the same as today. I feel the songs of this movie was such a sight. Kartikeya is the guy with the good spirit of the director. Lakshmi chiseled watching the trailer, the music and the director knew the effort. Suresh Reddy, congratulations to Chandra. Sunil is a very good music. Lakshmi is my baby. Cinnappatnunci know about Lakshmi. Spontaneous actress. Hollywood has made in the Act. No performer, taking the lead in all activities. Lakshmi to see this movie trailer of the film along the lines of ramulamma ceyalanipincindi. Diwali is going to laksmibamb pelcabotunnaru. Damohan Babu said - `` guess I was at the workshop. The producers came to me and said that the director of this film. I am told that there is no objection to admit Lakshmi. There is hardly a small field of cinema. Ceserojuna heaven-hell, I even younger. Young today, tomorrow will be advanced a good level. Kartikeya as well as the director becomes a director. Congratulations to the producers to producer. Sunil Kashyap gave very good music. Songs in the film, trailer, all are good. Lakshmi film was well heartburn godari Act. Lakshmi has not yet acted on this exciting than the movie. Natincindanipincindi our ammayena said so well. Said Lakshmi Manchu - `` The movie is a very special film for me. Laksmibambni this team has worked very hard. Anianukunnanu the newcomers, but I could not have been a single schedule to complete the picture. Neret very well have been the darling of the story of the Lord. Okeceppesanu hearing. All members of our family, so much to give this program a lot of people do not know how to plan. However, thanks to my brothers received their responsibility philayi this function. Unlike film, is nowhere to be compromised. I've done a lot of dancing in this film as well. I've done a lot of character with shades. The director, the producers, is being compromised somewhere. Co-director of the film nicely Chitra also cause this to happen smoothly. Dhanyavadalu he said. Music director Sunil Kashyap - `` was very happy to be in this film. My name is happy vinipistundatame along the mouth of many adults. The cittitalli mohanbabugarini the song, saying that Lakshmi cesanu to view.   Producer gunapati Chitra Suresh Reddy - `` The movie was very well. Laksmigaru can not forget the support given to us. Mr. Sunil Kashyap good music. Kartikeya done at the time the film was completed as planned. To cooperate with the cast, thanks to teknisiyans said. Chitra said Gopal Krishna, director Kartikeya - `` a good script and a good film tiyagaligam svamigaru given. Sunil numbers provided in different situation. The film was very well. Supported by the producers of the film was able to complete the full. Laksmigaru endured me. Josigaru, Kiran master, including Hari have all the support. Ranunnam front of the crowd before Diwali. The climax scene, the song is going to be very well vaccindi. On the occasion of the birthday cake was cut on October 8, Lakshmi Manchu. Citrayunit greet the guests and participants.   Posanikrsna Murali, Hema, Prabhakar, bharatreddi, Jeeva, Amit, Hemant, Rakesh, subbarayasarma, jeviar, rajababu, Sarath, sriharsa, Vishal is playing a key role. The film submission: gunapati Suresh Reddy, dance, Kiran, Art: raghukulakarni, fights, soccer, Venkat, in the editing Nandamuri Hari, songs, Karunakar, kasarlasyam, music, sunilkasyap, camera: malharbhat Joshi, the story, the words: Darling Swamy , line producer: Subba Rao, arsurendraraju, executive producer: kemurali, producers, finger maunika Chandrasekhar, Uma Lakshmi Narasimha, screenplay and direction: wendy Kartikeya.

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