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Head constable venkataramaiah details

  Arnarayanamurti, JAYASUDHA hook 'will be launched on October 19, Head Constable venkatramayya Terakekki innovative storyline of Rs 25 crore grossing Telugu film `biccagadu Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Films, the company presented to the audience. Ensuring public awareness of a number of subjects, covering them with a sense of the polymath's star arnarayanamurti selected to fill the screen. Star was introduced as a heroine in Telugu heroine grow screen, character artist, Mari sahajanati affectionately called by teluguvari JAYASUDHA pilipincukuntunna actress. Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara this trio now ... I mean .. Films, People's Star arnarayanamurti, natural natadi JAYASUDHA to work together in a film. Vahistaranukunte that the film's star arnarayanamurti paddatte the error. He will star in the film kathanayakuniga. Head Constable VENKATRAMAIAH will play the title role. His wife JAYASUDHA star sahajanati. Kutumbacitralu intillipadi sit together and watch the forest karuvaipotunna arnarayanamurtini these days, sahajanati JAYASUDHA pushed to make a good story told by convincing cadalavada Srinivasa ace producer. `Oreyriksa his own production company, rather than after the film, many directors, production companies admitting given how good the offer, along with the story Impressed Tirupati Venkateswara Films banner cadalavada srinivasaravupai affectionate sritirumala arnarayanamurti citramide has been working on. Cadalavada tirupatiravu presentation cadalavada Padmavati 'Head Constable venkatramayya film producer rupondanunna story, dialogues, screenplay and direction by providing cadalavada Srinivasa Rao also held responsibilities. Arnarayanamurti sinimalantene music is of paramount importance. Such is the account of the role of the songs for the film's kathanayakuniga posistayo ceppakkarledu apart. Precautions have been taken before the matter was observed in the case of cadalavada Rao songs. Music by the veteran music director Vandemataram Srinivas sannaddhulayyaru undergo. The film has already earned public bobbing Suddala Ashok Teja in this film, goreti Venkanna offered literature. Sudhakar Reddy is the cinematographer. On this occasion .. Cadalavada directors Srinivasa Rao said - `Head Constable VENKATRAMAIAH exposition of the film will be launched on October 19 in the presence of Ramoji philinsitilo included prominent persons. Ramoji philinsiti 60 days, will be shot in and around Hyderabad. Ethics, sincere, a police officer in real life, professionally any trouble? Vijayamela adigaminci sadhincadanede plot them. It is the combination of different film. Chitra interested in movies, I set foot in the field of construction, directed the film ceyalanipincindi kutumbaviluvalato elastic. In addition to the emotion of the audience, adding all sorts of family values ​​terakekkistam trade. The film will be sure to please everyone in our 'said Head Constable venkatramayya cestunnanu said.

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