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Sakkanodu Chikkinaa Andhame Pooja Event

 Rituals of the start of the 'sakkanoducikkina pretty' Movies under the direction of Ram Leela Venkata Lakshmi Karthik, geek hero and the heroine of the US. Ramachandra Rao and produced by Love and family entertainer 'sakkanoducikkina beautifully. The film opened recently in rituals. Chitra director Sriram matladutuneti the family, rather than the amount of the Youth lavstorito trendki relevant subject, which is impressive. I mentioned the subject of our producers believe, is happy to get started right away. The music of this film is going to be the main attraction Kavadiya Kishan. The trail was to shoot the film. Actors perform a good performance in this film is going to come ... I am happy. US producer. Sriram matladutudarsakudu Ramachandra Rao told the story of a good family background. The story is very much loved. So as soon as the shooting started. Jaripiati filming rapidly in a short time ahead of the crowd in the picture ... is going to bring. Leila Karthik, geek hero and the heroine of the film's screenplay, dialogues: bodireddi entertains; Music: Kishan Kavadiya; Camera: P. No vanidar; Dancing: b. Rama; Editing: V. Reddy; Art: Venkat are; Co-director: Purushottam Reddy vuturu; Production partner: svapnamanjari Mohanty; Producer: US. Ramachandra; Directed by: Ram biessi

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