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Vunda Leda Movie Announcement

 ... Or is there ..? Image Announce Apartment  Venkata Srinivasa Arts Banner on jayakamal ayitam enkamal amaniganti directed and produced the film "... or is there? .. .. Ramakrishna new actors, dedicated  The film's cult film Office programs hirohiroyinluga in Hyderabad manikonda citrayunit jarigayii occasion spoke to the media ..  Prasad said the director amaniganti venkatasiva: Vijayawada backdrop terakekkistunnamani in ... Love this picture, comedy, suspense film as a highlight  When nilustayannarukatha ayitamenkamal gold producer, the production work to build this picture mundukoccaruphri purtayindanime regyular from the Second Week  Everything was going to Vijayawada teliparumejar shooting shooting in three schedules to be completed by new performing teliparuindulo hirohiroyinluga  Annarui senior actors starring in the film, a role in the upcoming movie opening soon velladistamani he said ..  Ayitam enkamal producer said: amaniganti Venkata Siva Prasad told the story of the director to make a film that I liked in mundukoccanani annaruvaijag  20 people were selected to carry out auditions for the film will be introduced by the teliparui film "Love in a trance," the cinematographer who worked on the film, Praveen kebangari  , As choreographer in the Jenna, music annarusinimanu Sri Murali was glad to conflicts where many teknisans compromised, he said, rather than produce ..  Hero Ramakrishna said: My grandfather was a stage artist in auditions held in perigindivaijag me interested in acting, good story ceyadamo select me palgonna  I am very happy to be selected as the main lead is going to be given the opportunity .. special thanks to the director, producers said.  Cinematographer Pravin kebangari this event, in choreographer Jenna, composers srimurali, palgonnaru citrayunit members ..  Hirohiroyinlu: Ramakrishna, dedication, the banner: jayakamal Arts, Camera: Praveen kebangari, Choreographer: Jenna in music: Sri Murali, producer: ayitam enkamal, writing  Directed by: Venkata Srinivasa amaniganti

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