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Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Announcement-NBK100

 Balakrishna starrer directed by Chris natasinha the occasion of Ugadi, the capital of Andhra Pradesh Amravati Apartment 100 film have been announced. The ...  Balakrishna said: "I had anticipated that it would be on any hundredth film. Now I am the hundredth film gautamiputra satakarni film. To claim my 100th film, films, my 99 krse my 100th film. 99, milestones, as well as the experience of the past 40 years. They all know that the Son of man, Gautami satakarni our Telugu race. Bharatadesanantatini single catradhipatyam ruled under the emperor. I was fortunate as he natincanundatam. Dad also newly found me sitting on this script for six months. However, the film did. Gautamiputra satakarni have fought for peace. Ideally everyone, including the Chhatrapati Shivaji Marathi nilicicaru hero. Balakrishna's film audience to be any of the elements of all the elements that are in this picture. Similar to the film, my God, our Father is blessing. He is due to be the subject of negotiation with the film're a good team. Telugu language have been working out for us. Teluguvarunnaru 18 million people in our country. Our Telugu great language, culture. Gautami who have contributed to this rise, the Son and the language of the film, which satakarniki. The workshop will take place in the script. Not the country as a whole, the world is proud of the film. And will do our best, sadhistam said.  Chitra said, `` balakrsnagari 100th film director Chris was happy to come to work. The NTR balakrsnagariki'm grateful for this opportunity. About the film, is happy to share with everyone on the occasion of Ugadi. Bharatavaniga khandakhandaluga Indian sweeping story of the emperor, so far, no one does not touch the Subject of the film greatly terakekkistunnanduku, bhavistunnanu is going to be proud of.


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