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Sri Javvaji Ramanjaneyulu Birthday wishes to Sunder C

 "Kalavit" Happy Birthday to sundarsi that the Sri Chitra director and producers javvaji RAMANJANEYULU Krazy directed many successful films in Tamil and actor-director Sundar C today (21 January) on the occasion of birthday of Lord javvaji RAMANJANEYULU Kalavit Telugu version of the editor, giving bouquet of flowers greeted gudphrends sarvantram kriyosans and producers. Tamil aranmaniga hittayyi biggest box office sensation Tamil kriyet already doing right now as aranmayi 2 film in English with the title in English Kalavit audio function in the presence of members of the unit have been recently. The audio is already a success on the film being released on January 29. Film. Sarvantram creations, and these days, many successful films such as Romance in the Group provided a good movie producer. Javvaji RAMANJANEYULU Sri Chitra presenters, Sundar C in the film, Siddharth and Trisha, Hansika motvani, Poonam bajva the main cast. The film has been made in the genre of horror comedy directed by Sundar C. Sangitamandincaru tamijha hip-hop.  In this case the producers said. "Kalavit Sundar C, under the direction of the film has been released in audio. The audio has already become popular in the market pondutunnayi release.. The film comedy films and box office records in the Telugu film tiragarastundani shake our faith. Our institutions Good Film Group, jointly nirmistunnanduku sarvantram kreyesans There is very happy. This is a picture of the front of the crowd in the huge pablisitito tisukurabotunnam on January 29. Our director Sundar C garu acknowledge happy birthday on behalf of all of our unit. macitranlo Siddharth and Trisha, Hansika motvani, Poonam bajva Per pharmens is awesome. mesmaraij with excellent graphics avutarui The first part of the film than the director to give our Kalavit entertainment in the double. " He said.  Submission - Sri javvaji RAMANJANEYULU Cast - Sundar C, Siddharth, Trisha, Hansika, Poonam bajva, Suri, Kovai Sarala, Radha Ravi Music - Hip Hop tamijha Director - Sundar C Producer - Good Friends

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