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Cine Mahal in Censor Works

 The sensor functions 'film Mahal' Siddhans kalanilaya presenting creations, Rahul Ryan, tejasvini rupondutonna image of the hero of the film Mahal heroines. Subtitle day 4 games. Laxman Varma, directed and produced by birames, Partha, Balaji, Murlidhar terekkekkutondi co-produced the film. Currently, the film celebrates the sensor programs. The ... Chitra said producers' film was very well. Currently, the film is set to celebrate the sensor programs. Impressive new-style elastic narration throughout the film. Laxman Varma, is well documented. Siddhans, Rahul, tejasvini played well. Especially when it comes to a good response from salonigaru made a special song to the Audience. As well as music by Shekhar Chandra also comes with a good response. Pratyekagitanlo featuring salonigariki Thanksgiving. All activities, including the completion of the sensor and are planning to release the film in phribhravarilo '' he said.                      Early life marutiravu, Jeeva, it 'starring Gemini Suresh and others Cinematography: dorai kesivenkat, music: Chandra Shekhar, Editor: Praveen Pudi, art: Govind, Effects: yatiraj, Lyrics: SUDDALA Ashok Teja, krsnacaitanya, nagahanuman, co-produced by: Pardha , Balaji, Murlidhar, nirmatam birames, story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: Laxman Varma.

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