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Bellamkonda Srinivas Birthday Interview

 'Spidunnodu' a commercial and family entertainer                                                                                   - Ala Srinivas Ala sensation Director VV Srinivas ... Bellamkonda Suresh Narasimha Productions in association with Vinayak srilaksmi blenkonda built ganesbabu 'alludusinu "The Young and energetic upcoming Telugu film industry was introduced to Ala Ala Suresh Srinivas's son. Adaragotte dance, broke phaitstone impressed rather acting in his own style. Srinivas Ala .. now once again hitting the first film superhit Telugu audience with his speed in order to introduce the 'spidunnoduga coming. Bhimaneni rositasayi submission to the goodwill of the producer of the film on the banner bhimaneni bhimaneni Sunitha Rao directed the upcoming film. The first film, 'alludusinuto create a record 40 million who have been involved in the club, the young and energetic hero's latest movie' spidunnodu 'dusukeltunnaru speed in terms of the image of the business. 3 crore had been completed in 51 business seeded moment was the talk of the industry. I'm going to hit his second film, the young hero of another superhit. After the mass, the director of the film in April next year under the direction of Boyapati Seenu planning a mass commercial entertainer Young and energetic hero blenkonda the blenkonda Srinivas Srinivas Birthday January 3 Interview .... What's not special birthday .... This birthday is not much new alocanalemi. Friends will enjoy. The outside is not going nowhere. It is the Director's Choice .... But the Director's Choice on garu dairektar S sentimento not yet been title. 'Spidunnodu' about a phrendphip, about love, about family values, teliyajeppe image. We have a lot of cenjas .... `Tamil film 'Sundara Pandiyan of the film's main plot tisukunnamante well. Telugu klayimaks netivitiki all but the scenes in an appropriate way, we have cenjas. The two songs of the film, with the exception of a two-day total of patch work has been completed. Parallel to shoot was in post-production. Is currently trying to release the film on February 5. The audio will be released on January 16. Character ... The film takes place in the village backdrop. Per pharmens to have a good scope. Emotional kamarsiyalentartainar. So many things to take care of body language. The film takes care of all things. Fights no less than my first film, are dancing. The film has struggled to ten times. Hence, as selective .... Make good movies. Two of the three films wanted to be as selective. From next year, two, three movies is planning to do. Boyapati about the film ... My second project is to boyapatigarito. But more than that before the bunny, Boyapati wanted to film. But Bunny was busy six months to do a film with me in the gap, but the story is supposed to be satisfied with the anipincaka agipoyam boyapatigaru. April 8 is the film from the boyapatigari. Distributors Abhishek Pictures is producing the film. Is shooting in March. Wonder Full X Experience .... Wonderful Experience will diteyildga every case. In addition to klaritito partikyulariti is high. Sean cesetappude manage to Perfect Execution. Next Projects ... A film directed by Boyapati srinugari. Combines jayanna kondagari directed by Vijay Kumar, a seed distributor in the construction of laksmikant Reddy was interviewed by a young and energetic hero of the film untundantu blenkonda sayisrinivas ...

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