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Atadukundam Ra Talkie Part Completed

 Sushant, jinagesvarareddila 'atadukundamra' full-talkie Kalidas, current, Adda superhit films as the hero of the hero Sushant Annapurna Studios banner srinag Corporation, under the direction of Mr. G. Films banner jinagesvarareddi Chintalapudi Rao, enagasusila the construction of the action entertainer 'atadukundam .. Raw "(Just Chill). Talkie with the exception of the songs in this film, the action has been completed parts. Some of the most important comedy, the film is a huge cost of Rs 60 lakh for the Annapurna Seven Acres Time Machine has been set. This comedy is currently filming on the set of the combination of bliss. On this occasion, a press conference held in Hyderabad Annapurna Seven Acres hero Sushant, jinagesvarareddi director, writer, director sipana, producers Chintalapudi Rao, participated in enagasusila.  Said Sushant hero - '' the director sipana gave a good story. Select a good story after so many days and I'm in this movie. This character is very new to me. Entertainment Scenes nagesvarareddigaru well. Brahmanandangarito comedy I've done all the audience laugh as well. It is a film with all the crowd favorites. Everyone will enjoy the well, '' he said.  Sipana author Sridhar said - '' I've been to introduce nagesvarareddigariki my thanks to the writer. Sushant doing this film is very different. Nagesvarareddigaru first heard this story is going to take a very good film in this story. He wrote the story of this film is that I want to put aside the story. It is well worth a visit with his family entertainer. The hero's character is very energetic. When any problem will be dealt with very discreetly. Pettistayi all teary emotional scenes between father and son. Annapurna Studios, srinag Corporation, Mr. G. Films benarslo feel lucky to be doing this film, '' he said.  Jinagesvarareddi director said - '' Family Action entertainer will be connected to everyone to make this film, the emotion between father and son. Yapt susantki Hundred Percent of the story. Sipana Sridhar gave a wonderful story. We've heard this story a lot of fun. We're also enjoyed filming scenes on the set as well. Brahmanandangaru this movie was to work for 15 days. General for the hero or the villain, for the den,  For songs that are heavy sets. Special for the comedy scene in the film, at a cost of 60 million to set Time Machine is the first time I was aware of the dressing. His performance in this comedy the audience laugh. Sushant Kalidasa comedy film of the well. The film also starred in the comedy great. Cameraman Lord has provided many excellent photography. Anoop will be offered extraordinary music. However, this is a very rich cinnasinima producing the film. Chintalapudi srinivasaravugaru, nagasusilagari Cooperation able to finish the film and is very fast. It's the most fun to film this benarslo '' he said.  Rao said producer Chintalapudi - '' It's the fourth film srinag Corporation. We have three films with new directors. All the directors were well put good efforts. Nagesvarareddigarito is quite happy to be in this movie. Sridhar gave sipana superhit story. They had a big asset for the film. This is the picture that will be a big hit valliddaru working range. The film was a big pandagalantidi Akkineni fans. Add a set for important film comedy shot. The talkie, the action has been completed parts. We are planning to release the film after the shooting in January of songs, '' he said.  Enagasusila producer said - '' Very Promising to be the story. I am very happy to produce such a good movie. Everything was very good shooting atmosphere. Had a very excellent output. Editor gautanrajugaru the film was very well said by telephone. The definite everyone will like this movie, '' he said.   Sushant, Sonam Preet Bajwa, Brahmi, muralisarma, Posani Krishna, Vennela Kishore, Raghu Babu, Prithvi, Feroz Abbasi, Sudha, Anand, ramaprabha, silver, and others play an important role Harish Music: Anoop Rubens, cinematography: dasarathi sivendra, editing by Gowtham Raju Art: Hayes, fights: Venkat Ram Hiren, Chief Co-Director. Disayikrsna, Co-Director: Konda salt, Production Controller: Ravi Kumar yandamuri, story-words: Sridhar sipana, producers: Chintalapudi Rao, enagasusila, screenplay and direction: jinagesvarareddi.

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