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Srimanthudu Team Thanked Audience

 Srimantudu 'thanks to the film is the audience -' srimuntudu 'unit Superstar Mahesh, srtihasan hero and the heroine koratala srimantudu film, directed by Shiva. Alliance Movie Makers, embientartainments praili The image formed on the Banners. The film was released in the world wide level as the Grand dusukeltundi with good success tack. Worldwide acquired a 30 billion rupees a share. In the press meet, set up on Saturday .... Shiva koratala director said the film was a big hit with yunanimas talk. Success from all sections of the audience from the first day had the talk. The success of the film was larger than expected. All actors in the victory, thanks to everyone for being part teknisiyans. Special thanks to Mahesh babugariki agreed to make such a film. Forgot kastamanta in the success of this day would come. Ernie, one of the producers of Chitra Naveen matladutu '' the first film in our banner. Got good response from the audience. Cast, teknisiyanski Thanksgiving. Do not encourage piracy. The film embarks on yunanimas talk. Comes with a good collection. Reports are all over the place, the better, '' he said. The program YALAMANCHILI Ravi Shankar, Mohan (siviem) were present. "Srimantudu 'first day shares (Quote) Nizam - 5.60 Seed - 2.90 Krishna - 1.20 Guntur - 2.05 Nleuru - 0.60 East - 1.71 West - 1.90 Vizag - 1.05 Karnataka - 2.02 Tamil Nadu - 0.56 North India - 0.92 usa - 8.55 Overseas - 1.08

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