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Nara Rohit Interview -Birthday Special

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 And maximize the number of films - Nara Rohit Nara Rohit remember when the arrow in the movie. Rohit familiar with the arrow after the solo, alone, representative, has appeared in films as a Fellow of the bully. Sagutunnari up with its own distinctive style and a unique selection of stories, the hero of Nara. Nara Rohit's birthday on Saturday celebrated the news ... Alavatunda birthday to you to make decisions? - Especially not in the habit of making decisions birthday. However, the decision in terms of the films? - Acting career began with the arrow. This was in only six years, the six films. From now want to act in more movies. Selection of stories, illustrations to increase speed, this new vein nadavalani All of you specially, there are social elements. Are such stories to be selected? - Cesukovadamanedi not have to be selected. If the political climate grew from childhood. All of the choice that I will be Mindset. The choice must be made entertaining stories to be connected to an emotion to feel something. Lavstorillo thinking or acting? - There is no one to bring such stories, I do not. `Thanks," someone says as the script will do. But, there is no one to tell me such stories. What is your favorite genre? - Sports, movies and wars. Among them is the Inspiration. Up to a romantic movie. My abhiprayalanni are the same contrast. Despite a producer? - Be sure to build films. The idea is also reserved for other construction companies to move forward together. Acting, will be the focus of the film, my feeling is that if the construction of the two. Ever wondered about the director? - The?. Hitto cebitene story, say phlapo. But that's good, is not, however, say that. Nirmincabotunnarane balakrsnagarito vartalostunnayi a movie? - In so far as the? Alantidemi. But when the opportunity to do a lot of very happy. Natistunnaruga the remake of the movie? Are there any special reason? - Man karate is close to Telugu nativity. We have also changed over the manavariki up. Wish. Are you married by this time next year? - Yet. The last of the day it may bachelor. He was older than my brother at home. Annayyaki relationships are present. After annayyaki my pelle pellayite. Tell us about the next film? - 'Sankara' first copy is ready. Is slated for release in August. "Vaccadusaku festival in post-production. Shooting is to balance the two days. Trying to be released in September. In the same month, directed by Pawan sadhineni 'Savitri' start shooting. Patabasti the wake of the "time okadundevadu" movie will begin soon. I built the image of the hero starts srivisnu another two months

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