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RP Patnaik Pratikshanam with Priyamani

 RP Patnaik Pratikshanam

   The film, nuvvunenu, conquest, Dil, joy 'blockbuster movies such as the music director and became arpipatnayak provided' broker ', such as a picture message terakekkinci, has received the Nandi Award for the best story writer. .. Andalatara Priyamani in the lead role in his direction, the political backdrop of the film 'pratiksanam'. Simultaneously in Telugu, Kannada languages, in the upcoming film. Viespi Tenneti presentation 'emjiem100 Academy of Croes' Banners accibabuyam producing the film.  Chitra director arpipatnayak said ... '' My thanks to priyamaniki willing to immediately tell the story. Priyamani more glamor to the role of 'Powerful pratiksanamlo played the role of CBI officer. His menarijam, performance are the highlights of the film. It is the political backdrop thriller. .. There are no songs in the film that it is, but to compensate for that deficit has been re-recorded. The film ends with the last schedule in Hyderabad. The film, Telugu, Kannada languages, was shot at the same time. 'Broker' adaristarani also hope this picture is the same as the picture, "he said.  Chitra said producer accibabu ... 'arpipatnayak was very happy with the direction coming out of our banner image. RP previously taken a 'broker' Feel the thrill of seeing the picture became. After that .. he is the director of the film 'pratiksanam' rupondutundadam is very happy with our banner. Priyamani CBI officer in the performance of this film is the award-winning range. There is a schedule of balance. Recently launched programs in post-production, "he said.  'Emjiem100 akadami Croes' Banners in telugukannada simultaneously offering to make this film: viyaspitenneti, producer: accibabuyam, kathaskrinpledarsakatvam: arpipatnayak !!

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