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Mahavamsam Movie Wallpapers

  "Mahavamsam 'launch trailer!  Rahman, Abdul Halim directed by Priya hendri pair yusri .. MM built on the image of Ganesh produced by Focus Films banner, in English, "Mahavamsam 'is released. This is a trailer for the film was released in the Film Chamber in Hyderabad on Sunday. On this occasion ..  Focus Films Ganesh, the head of the "120 AD Amravati madava departing from the family of the young man to the king of the South East esiyaloni lankasukha ayyadanede this Chitra plot of land. The film is slated for release on July 3," he said.  Multi Dimension Vasu said, "This is a Malaysian movie. The movie is based on a history of 120 years ago in Malaysia. The government in collaboration with the Ganesh Rao, Telugu audience will be offered to the image. Film made with a huge budget. The trailer is very good. Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages, the film will be released . English released on July 3, the film wants to achieve success, "he said.  Jawahar Babu said, "The trailer is very impresiv. Citramavutundi all entertaining. The film should go and Ganesh garu good profits," he said.  The film's script: Amir haphiji, Music: reja Ram Centre, photography: Muhammad Qasim, producer-screen game-Direction: yusri Abdul Halim.

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