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Sonal Chauhan 'Pandaga Chesko' Interview

 Rainbow' film actress Sonal Chauhan knew Telugu audience. Sonal has taken a long gap after the film 'The Legend' starring in the film won over audiences. She is currently starring in the direction of Gopichand Malineni 'festival cesko the film is ready for release. The interview with Sonal Chauhan .. .. This film is going to be? Family drama, romance, music, action, comedy and family drama film. Emotional masala movie, which is good. Exactly like the film to the audience. .. About your character? In this film I am playing a character enarai. My role is very different. Everyone was pulling the strings on the authority, appear to be a lot of snobbery. This is supposed to play the role of a risk. But to me as a performer in the natincalanukuntanu versatayil characters. Since this was in contrast to the character in the film. This is a good opportunity for me as an actress. Actors your co-Ram, rakul about Preet Singh ..? Ram a star acted. Actor tremendous. Dance as if his body would Springs. Dance was able to help him, so that was our choreographer. Experiences are good to work with Ram learned so much from her. Rakul has helped me a lot when it comes to the film. Good girl. So he came to Bombay .. actually got even better about the movies cesukunevallam discus. Gopichand malinenito the workshop seemed to be ..? Garu he would want to know what the director of the Elements. Class to the audience, how to make mass audiences like the film, He knows how to balance the two. Cusukunevallu attending to every aspect of the film. The amount of the film led with a single hand. He wished to manage all rappincukunnaru output. The man with a lot of patience. He learned a lot from.      However, experiences have forgotten .. At the time of the shooting? There was an incident. Marcipolekapotunnanu how it maracipovalanukuntunna. There is a region of the Algarve in Portugal. Beach, Hills hotel with it being a stanning. There will shoot the song. Director-in-law for me to stand on a hill. On the back there is a depth of 150 feet. Extreme wind blows. I caccipotananukunnanu the overtime. Another shot in the Ram in the same place for me to be on the kurcopettukoni Dance. Bayapaddanu too. It was a memorable event. What is your hangout place in the Hot Summer ..? Bombay, Hyderabad loved more than me. Compare, if there is too hot there. The audience also loved me so much. Places of special interest to me are anem. Complete when shooting vellipotanu to my hotel room. There shall Relax. You've come to the industry so much, gentlemen. Karanalenti to lower the movies ..? Naccitene role in the film natincalenu me either. Offers came to me after the film Rainbow, but all seem to be routine. Glamour comes in rolls as if more performance-oriented roles. .. Next projects? Kalyan Ram is the 'Share' in the film made. Anushka, Arya's 'size zero' in the movie is

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