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Ram Gopal Varma Interview About 365 Days

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Here is the Interview of Sensational director Ram Gopal varma about Nandoo and Anaika Soti starrer 365 Days this film was produced by D Venkatesh under Dv Creations banner  Makers are planning to release this movie on May 15 on this occasion here is the brief Interview with Rgv Let’s see what he has to say.

Tell About Marriage and 365 Days?
According to me Marriage is a very sensitive concept .if the couple do not have proper communication or understanding that relationship will not have long lasting life . we think people will break up for silly reasons but truth behind that will be very strong . 365 days will deal with marriage and after marriage difficulties 

Reason For Selecting 365 Days Title ?
Every couple will get Proper understanding or Knowledge only after 365 Days of marriage .we can say real life starts from 366th day .so i selected 365 days as title and this film deals with the journey of two persons . 

Are you shocked after getting U certificate for your 365 days film ?
Laughs, not like that this is my first film which has received U certificate and i will not worry about censor certificates . 

Tell us about your Tweet Publicity and Controversies ?
As i said in my previous interviews  i will do every thing for publicity and to draw the attention twitter will take my ideology to next level Media will hijack my tweets and makes them more spicy 

Reason for Doing only small budget films ?
I never thought about big and small films i will do the film based on the story  if it need more budget i will spent it .my forth coming film Killing Veerappan is big budget  movie . 

Reason for Failure behind Online Business ? 
Online Business is a new model i made an experiment  and its not failure. the film which i started  with that system was failure. for example i started 5d technology with Dongala muta same technology was use for Ee rojullo and it became super hit after that 5d era is going on in Telugu cinema . some times idea will work only if the film becomes super hit 

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