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Dhanaraj About Dhanalakshmi Talupu Thadithe

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 Sukkuram 'presents ' Dhanalakshmi Talupu tadithe !!                                        `Actor cum producer Dhanraj      Tejagari 'Jai',was my first film. But the 'group Govinda, "as the character. Rather, only that my mother took me to remind me of the character. But, directed by Ram's sukumargari 'jagadamlo I have made Nampally satti' character actor changed my horoscope. Since then my career 'run' is while. "Run, baby zamindar, Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu, .. Gopala Gopala 'images as well known to me as an actor. The 'Zabardast' program has introduced me to every household, "he shared his happiness with the media," Dhanalakshmi door tadite 'playing a role in the film, the film producer Dhanraj changing. "Alms for me as an actor, director Sukumar .. I have put a lot of hard times when the hero Ram adukonnaru me financially. Valliddari names that match krtajnatatone my child 'sukkuram' entertain that. This presents a picture of our son, "sukkuram 'So, indirectly, the film build .. sukumargaru, ramgare," he declared Dhanraj his gratitude to them!     Ramasatyanarayanato tummalapalli leading producer Dhanraj posing together .. hileriyas entertaining thriller movie 'Dhanalakshmi tadite door, shooting and post production and is slated for completion programs. Sai Achyut child debut as a director with this film. Released teaser recently received a remarkable response. .. May 7 to mark the occasion of his birthday becoming spiritually muccatincaru Dhanraj media. Manojnandam starring in the film, Anil Kalyan, vijaysai.. as they pretend to be taken against the remuneration paid to the nominal migatavallanta Dhanraj that this movie is going to work. Happening, sindhutulani, Randhir, as srimukhi Dhanraj maruvalenivani said they provided a safe haven. Execution of this film is a help bhimireddi mallupratap bijinesmyans NRI Prasad said that Dhanraj. The audio was released on December 22 and the first week of June, "Dhanalakshmi tadite door 'image that the audience would bring forward said  Dhanraj

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