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Bujju.com First Social E-Commerce Website

Indian's First Social E-Commerce website based out of Hyderabad
 Bujji.com Website

The true essence of a woman lies not just in her beauty but also in her completeness and that is made possible with the right ensemble of Clothing and accessories. The best destination to find all that is Bujju.com. Which is a Social Shopping E-Commerce website with products that enhance your glamour & appeal and bring out the true woman in you. Bujju.com is also the only full-fledged social ecommerce website in India which rewards socially active users and it is the first wholesome ecommerce website based out of Hyderabad. The site has the best designer & artistic products at affordable prices handpicked by its internal designers. It will not sell just any product in the market but will sell products which are high in customer demand, which is its difference. The products range from ladies clothing like Sarees, Dresses & others to Jewelry and accessories. It also facilitates as an online platform for business across India into one E-Commerce website by providing end to end fulfillment from Payment processing, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Shipping, Product placement etc. The businesses just need to concentrate on product design and creation, the rest is taken care of by Bujju.com

All the products which it sells are carefully handpicked in partnership with vendors and its in-house designers to ensure only best quality & best designed products are offered. The site prefers more customized, designer and artistic products which meets customers tastes. You would be thrilled with the flexibility, convenience in selection of products & the purchase process. Bujju.com believes in serving its customer with utmost priority. Its philosophy revolves around rewarding socially active shoppers who promote and encourage others to buy products on Bujju.com by sharing products with their friends n family members and get them rewarded in the form of Buzz points which can be redeemed for their own purchases. Its first time in India social shoppers get rewarded and Bujju.com would do everything to support & encourage social media. 

Bujju.com’s Mission: Bring each and every talented Designer, Clothing manufacturer(s), traditional Handlooms, Carrigars, hand made works, Designers, hand crafts, various specially designed Indian traditional clothing and artistic works in each galley and village from nook and corner of India to one platform in such a way that their products can be purchased online in India and across the world. It will bring products from Pochempalli, Cheerala, Gadvala, Kottakota, Narayana giri, Dharmavaram, Uppada, Kerala, Culcutta, Kancheepuram, Kota, Kondapalli, and many more. Bujju.com wants to cut the middleman and bring goods from creators to end users. 

Unlike most of the Indian ecommerce websites, it will Ship to USA and across the world. Already its USA customer base is growing significantly. It will facilitate real time communication between Bujju, Customers and Designers (BCD). It offers Daily, Weekly, Time bound and Flash Sales with stunning offers. It also does extensive weekly promotions, Coupons, specific time, Buy one Get one free, Buy one get one 50% off kind of deals at http://www.bujju.com/sale 

About US:
The founders have prolific Technology, business and corporate background with their Masters and MBAs in USA and carrying over 20+ years of Corporate experience in finance, retail, manufacturing, E-Commerce, Supply Chain etc. with Fortune 100 Companies. They have worked for the World No.1 clothing company, World No.1 computer manufacturer, World No.1 Bank, World No.2 home retailer and many more. They hold successful businesses in other industries and are now venturing into the booming Indian E-Commerce sector. Their focus is to bring USA experience, quality, efficiency & Customer Service to Indian shoppers and showcase Artistic & talented designers in nook and corner of India whose products do not have proper visibility/market now. They are striving to facilitate a fair Marketplace for customers, designers & boutiques.

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