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B.A.Pass Censor Completed

 B.A Pass Censor Completed

 "B.A Pass' Censor Completed !!      The sensational success of Bollywood, the film received several avardulurivardulu 'B.A Pass'. The film was produced in English sampatkumar emaccibabu presentation, 'minimum guarantee Movies "(MGM) is being released by. Had recently completed the image Censor. The film was financed novelist viespitenneti conversations.      Speaking on the occasion, Chitra producer emaccibabu ... 'This has given us the opportunity to release the film in Telugu and Bollywood producer Bharat Shah, director Ajay Ball garu our special thanks Chitra. The film was completed Telugu Censor. The thing to remember is nowhere .. dubbing the film in Telugu conversations provided the most naturally viespitennetigariki also thanks to the teliyajesukuntunnam. Hopefully, as the Hindi film in Telugu audience adaristarani. The film is slated to hit the screens very soon, "he said.      Shilpa Shukla, sadab Kamal, Rajesh Sharma, divyendu Bhattacharya and others played an important role in the film, said: viespitenneti, management: dinarayana, Presented by sampatkumar, directed by: Ajay Ball, producer: M.A.C Babu

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